Weddings & Memorial Services

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Spiritual Lighthouse Church


Love is in the air and it is always time for a beautiful wedding.  Our beautiful church offers all kinds of Wedding Ceremonies Contact the Pastor, Katie Seltzer and let us help you to have a beautiful wedding.  You can call her direct at 904-502-7164.  Some of the various wedding locations are as listed below:

1.  Weddings in the Church, Creating the Perfect Wedding for the Bride and Groom.

2.  Weddings in a Park, or at the Beach or at your favorite location.

3.  Weddings in your home or at your favorite Restaurant.

4.  Weddings at a private club, such as Queen's Harbor Yacht and Country Club. 



1.  Our Memorial Services are created to bring peace of  mind, love, joy and reassurance that            your loved one has found the way to their new home in Heaven.

2.  Our Memorial Services helps families and friends to say, "Not Goodbye, But Till We Meet              Again Dear Loved One." 

3.  Share your thoughts and ideas with us so we can create that Special Memorial Service, to
     meet your needs.